Influenza - Flu vaccination 

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA for FREE seasonal influenza vaccination in 2022:

  • Pregnant women (any trimester)
  • People aged 65 years older
  • Māori and Pacific peoples aged 55 to 64 years
  • People aged under 65 years with any of the medical conditions shown here
  • People under 65 years of age who have schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, or schizoaffective disorder; OR are currently accessing secondary or tertiary mental health and addiction services
  • Children aged 3 to 12 years inclusive

If you are not eligible for a funded vaccine, you can still get your vaccine through our pharmacy for a fee.

Immunity from the flu vaccination is expected to last for three to four months, so April to June are the best months to be vaccinated to allow the vaccine to work at its peak during the flu season. 

As the immunity wears off and the strains of the virus mutate each year, it is important that you have the flu vaccine each year. 

In 2022, we will be using the vaccine Afluria Quad.

Come in and talk to our friendly trained staff about your eligibility today


COVID-19 Vaccination 

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA for FREE Covid-19 vaccination in 2022/23:

  • Any New Zealander over the age of 5 years old can have a Covid-19 Vaccination.

We currently only vaccinate those over the age of 12 years old

Immunity from the Covid-19 vaccination varies in each person,

  • Intial doses (First and second) 
  • 1st Boosters available for all New Zealanders over the age of 16 years old 
  • 2nd Booster available for Māori and Pacific peoples aged 40 years and over (from 18 November 2022), all people aged 50 years and over and health, aged care and disability workers aged 30 years and over.

Booster and Third inital doses are available if you are immocomprimised or have a disablibilty.

Timings between doses varies

In 2022/23, we will be using the vaccine Pfizer Vaccine

Come in and talk to our friendly trained staff about your eligibility today


COVID-19 Vaccine documentation available upon request


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